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I am Absolutely in Love...

...with these watercolors! Caitlin McGauley's illustrations are just the cutest watercolors and I always admire someone who does their passion for a living. I found her website last night and I adore the color and simplicity in her work. Each one takes an everyday object, from a sushi dinner to a pair of shoes, and makes it look brilliantly colorful and full of life. She kind of makes me want to break out my own watercolors... (I am sure they are are dried up, it's been so long!)

Photos: Caitlin McGauley


  1. ph precious!! i must see if she has some flip flop prints!

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    Have a blessed day!

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful!

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  3. amazing. i can never ever paint like that! it's gorgeous:D

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  4. I admire anyone who can paint! I took a class for fun in college and had to drop out because I was failing! And I went everyday so it's not because I didn't try!