DIY Inspiration: Freshwater Pearl Bracelets

Building on Wednesday's post of the layered bracelets, I decided to make a few pearl bracelets that could be layered. I realized that the reason I couldn't layer the pearl bracelets that I already own was that all the clasps get in the way (I usually like bold clasps on the bracelets I make.)  So, I decided to revisit my jewelry making techniques of old (and by old I mean like middle school days) and use a little "Stretch Magic" clear cord to put together a few bracelets.  Each one took about 10 minutes max, literally the easiest bracelets to make ever.  Just stretchy clear cord with freshwater pearls and a knot to tie it all together.  The different textures of the freshwater pearls creates an organic, interesting look that I can't wait to layer with a few gold bracelets as well.


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful designs. Great work….

  2. Cuteness! I've always loved your accessories!!

  3. I just love the look of this bracelet. I've been wanting to make a nice freshwater pearl bracelet for a while now. Thanks for the inspiration.


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