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I've Stopped My Wasteful Ways

My new obsession is my Baggu reusable bag. In DC we have to pay 5 cents for every bag we use and because I'm so terrible about remembering to bring re-usable bags, I don't even want to think about how much money I've wasted. Last week I finally broke down and bought a "cute" reusable bag and at the time didn't even realize how much I would love it and how much I would appreciate that it folds up into a tiny pouch... but it has seriously changed my bag wasting ways. When my reusable bag is conveniently residing in my purse at all times and happens to be a bright neon pink, I never forget it. Today in the grocery store the girl behind me even stopped me to ask where I got it. It's that awesome of a reusable bag.

Baggu bags are also supposed to be "green" and are made out of durable rip stop nylon, etc. But mostly they are super convenient and come in a million pretty colors.


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  1. Oooohhh...might just have to get me one of these! I always end up just buying the ones they have at the grocery store but then forget them in my car or at home where they do me no good! Love how they fold up and just stay in your purse - perfect!!

    1. I know - I would always forget my bags in the car too! These are the perfect solution!

  2. In Germany, we have to pay per bag, and they are usually 0,15€+ per bag so I always have at least one in my purse.

  3. Love this post! There's also a ban on plastic bags here, and the same charge for paper, so I started carrying around a similar one that Whole Foods makes. I love it because it's attached to the little pouch that you can tuck it away into. And when it's always in your purse-- you never forget it!

  4. Those are cute. I have some reuseable bags for several years and they are not in the greatest shape recently. I am going to look for these.