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Product of the Week: Spin Pin

My go to look for work every day is a bun. I have long hair (not as long as I'd like thanks to an over zealous hair stylist a few weeks ago...) and a lot of it so it can take me 20 minutes to blow dry in the morning not counting any sort of styling. That's just not do-able most mornings. This month's VoxBox had a Goody Spin Pin it, which I had heard of on other blogs but was always super skeptical about. It's two corkscrew looking pins that would supposedly hold your hair in a several different styles when twisted in from top and bottom.


Well, it actually worked. I was sitting at my desk when my hair finally felt dry enough to put up, twisted it in a bun, and put the spin pins in as directed. It took about a minute and actually held in a fairly tight bun for several hours.

Excuse my bathrobe and the fact I should have put one bobby pin on the bottom!


  1. I love those. But with my long thick hair it takes 4 of them to hold my hair more than a hour.

    1. I did think another one might hold it just a bit better... getting another pack is a good idea!