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A Couple Small Gifts...

If you're in the market for couple small gifts for friends, neighbors, or even that White Elephant Gift Exchange that you get invited to every year, here are a few under $30 options:

Isn't this Pineapple adorable? This is the perfect hostess gift or present for someone who has just moved into a new  home. C. Wonder is also having 25% off their entire site right now, so you might as well pick up the following items too!

Everyone's favorite pattern in adorable notebooks. The pink and orange are just so girly and fun.
These are a super budget friendly option and cute too! They would make a wonderful stocking stuffer.

And, one more under $30 gift just for good measure:

JoJo Loves You is having a huge sale from December 7-9 and the Bling earrings are 3 for $60 and Mini-Bling are 3 for $50. Perfect for picking up to have on hand whenever you need a small gift. 


  1. these are some good ideas. Thanks love!

  2. I actually have a pollyanna that I still need a gift for - so this was such an appropriate post! Love those chevron notebooks!