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Lilly Sale

Did anyone get anything fun in the Lilly New Year Cheer sale today? I literally do all of my Lilly shopping for the year during the two annual sales and I found a couple great items this time around. The Lilly website is running smoothly and has awesome deals but it's definitely worth checking out the Signature Stores too. I actually found better prices on a few things at The Pink Palm (I actually hadn't shopped there since I worked there back in college!)

If you're still in the market to shop, here are a few of my favorites:


  1. Sad, I wasn't able to get everything I wanted but did get the poppy shirt. My other goal was Elsa's. I keep going back and forth on a jonah or cassie dress. There is still time!

    1. I LOVE the Elsa - I just got my first one in this sale, I think there are still a few left on the website! I've found the Cassie to be too short on me but I did pick up a Jonah for $19 right at 8 AM yesterday!

  2. I missed it. I'll have to stalk them more often.