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Bright and Whimsical for Your House and Feet

Just a few bright and whimsical home pieces to go with this sunny day...

Top Row (left to right): Chair - Ottoman
Middle Row (left to right): Ceramic Urchin - Monkey Tray - Ceramic Pineapple 
Bottom Row (left to right): Lacquer Box - Pig Bookends


And, while we're at it, two pairs of bright wedges perfect for spring. They're a steal at $14.98!! (Though note that they're online only, so don't go running to your local Target. I have heard from a friend who has the gold that they are super comfortable!)

Plus, they come in my two favorite color... now the question just is purple or pink? (Also available in gold and orange)

Shop here: Purple Melinda Wedge Pumps - Pink Melinda Wedge Pumps

Purple or Pink

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  1. Love the pig bookends, so adorable!
    Btw, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my blog for more details!