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Kate Young for Target

While I had never heard of Kate Young before her Target line came out on Sunday, I am extremely impressed with the quality and style of each piece. Kate Young is a former Vogue editor who is now a stylist to celebrities such as Michelle Williams. Her line for Target includes cocktail dresses and gowns at a price point that is high for Target but unbeatable anywhere else ($49.99 for most short dresses, $89.99 for the long gowns).

I tried on two of the gowns earlier this week and I am obsessed with both. While they're pretty from the front, the backs are absolutely stunning (I wish I had pics!). The black and white polka dot dress has an open back and a big ruffle from the waist down. The black and white strapless dress is lower in the back than the front and has an oversized bow at the waist that trails all the way down the back of the dress. It's Old Hollywood... at Target. It's also worth noting that in the Target pics, these aren't floor length, but on my 5'5" self they hit the floor perfectly.

I haven't tried the cocktail dresses on but I can only imagine the spotted dress has a great shape (the reviews online indicate that much), the red dress is stunning, and the yellow beaded dress has already been spotted on celebs.

Target may have struck out with the Neiman Marcus collaboration several months back, but this partnership is right on target (no pun intended?)

Left to Right: Red Dress - Spotted Dress - Yellow Beaded Dress

Cocktail Dresses

Left to Right: Polka Dot Dress - Black and White Dress (amazing floor length bow on back!) - One Shoulder Dress

Long Gala Dresses


  1. I was looking at the long bow back dress online! I have no where to wear it, but really want it!

    1. For the price it's worth having just in case you ever need a gown in a pinch (bc those opportunities just come up all the time.. haha)

  2. Heather. The back of that black/white dress is STUNNING!!!!! Good choice - a dress like that is really a steal at that price.

    District Delights

  3. love the gowns! Ha! I'd totally buy one, just in case too!