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Silk Scarves

I am a huge fan of scarves. I literally have a tub under my bed filled to the brim with scarves of every shape, size, and material, but my favorites by far are my square silk scarves. They are such a versatile accessory that instantly make an outfit look more professional, glamorous, and colorful all at the same time. I've rounded up a few of my wish list scarves at every price point (the Madewell scarf is cotton, but it's still the same idea and I absolutely love the print, plus at $18.50, it's a total steal.)

Scarves, Clockwise: Ferragamo Balloon Print Scarf - Sonia Rykiel Square Heart Printed Scarf - Echo Vintage Knotted Ropes Scarf - Ferragamo Camelot Silk Scarf - Madewell Tropical Print Scarf

Once you've picked out your favorite silk scarf, check out my post this week on Sweet Lemon. I talk about my favorite ways to wear a square silk scarf. Excuse the picture on the bottom right - I am not used to taking pictures of myself using the timer on my camera, but I'm trying!

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  1. I love wearing silk scarves! I usually end up with them either draped around my neck or tied to my Kate Spade.