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Sangria Inspired Tabletop

Over lunch yesterday I was flipping through Everyday with Rachel Ray and there was this amazing spread on a Sangria party. The idea is to create a Sangria bar by providing the bases for both white and red sangria and then having a variety of fruits, herbs, and sweets to customize the sangria. I absolutely love this idea and, conveniently, my roommate and I are hosting July Wine Club so we have the perfect opportunity to try this out!

While I’m typically a pretty tailored and preppy kind of girl, I feel like sangria party calls for something a bit more exotic. These slightly mismatched but perfectly complementary pieces from Anthroplogie are just the answer. The mason jars with straws are a great touch of whimsy and I love the idea of using a few different patterned pitchers and serving bowls/trays in a bright, primary palate. Several bright votives sprinkled across the table add the perfect bit of ambiance.



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