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Turquoise Accent Pillows

As August 1 nears, I’ve realized that I’ll probably end up in a studio in order to stay in my neighborhood. While the biggest issue will be fitting all of my furniture into one large room and figuring out how to make it feel like 2 separate spaces, one of the other issues will be bringing my bedroom and living room décor together in a cohesive manner. Luckily everything in my bedroom is pretty neutral -my furniture is white (though it could use a fresh coat of paint!), my bedding is a taupe and white bamboo print, and I have one bright green nightstand. These neutrals should make for an easy transition to coordinating with my turquoise sofa with its coral, bright green , and turquoise pillows.

 (Next stop on the redecorating plan - bedframe and headboard! I have to get rid of these ugly risers! The Anthropologie inspired prints will also likely go - though pretty, they've always been a little too boho for me.)

My plan now is to find a variety of accent pillows for my bedroom in shades of turquoise. These beauties from C.Wonder fit the bill and would add a pop of color to my neutral bedding. 

Top Row (left to right): Ikat Pillow - Embroidered Wave Pillow
Bottom Row (left to right): Greek Key Pillow - Floral Pillow



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