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On my way down to Charleston last weekend, I stopped at the outlets in NC in search of a dress to wear to the wedding. While I ended up just wearing a dress that I had brought with me, I did stumble across the perfect little black dress. With subtle velvet dots, a slightly scooped neck, and a full skirt, this is a dress to take from work to evening. I plan on wearing it to work with a cardigan, flats, and tights, and then dressing it up with rhinestone earrings, a tartan wrap, and heels for holiday parties. Check it out now while it's 30% off.

Also, I have been on a nude nail polish kick lately. And by lately, I mean as of last night. I just picked up a cheap nude nail polish as I was at the drugstore, but if you feel like splurging, this set of nudes looks like it would cover all your bases.

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