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Essie Favorites

Since my discovery of Seche Vite, I've become that girl that always has her nails painted. I used to be pretty much a neutral pink only kind of girl because my lack of patience led to dings and chips before I would even get out of the house. Now a whole world of colors has opened up to me, but I still have my favorite stand by colors. Here are the polishes that have been taking me through February.

Also, as I know I've mentioned before, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays and I like to keep it going all month long. Tomorrow evening I'm hosting book club and later this week I'll have a post on my very Valentine's Day themed decor. In the meantime, just thought I would share my slightly embarrassing amount of chocolate-heart themed Instagram posts from over the weekend.

Cupcake from Something Sweet - Donut from Ted's Bulletin - Peppermint Pattie (all time favorite candy)


  1. I keep meaning to try Seche Vite, lately my nails chip so fast!

  2. You convinced me to order Seche Vite and now I love painting my nails too! Thanks for the amazing recommendation!