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Gilded Flatware

I've always been more of a gold girl than silver, so of course I'm partial to the look of gold flatware. It's such an unexpected change from the typical stainless steel flatware and I love that it can look at home in both a rustic tablescape as well as far more glam setting as seen below. While I probably won't convert to using gold for everyday (I am still obsessed with my bamboo flatware!), wouldn't it be wonderful to have a few sets on hand for extra special meals?

other options here and here - the West Elm set is currently on sale for $23 per setting which is an amazing price

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  1. Ah, I love this! I have plain old silver flatware, but it would be SO much fun to switch it out with gold.

  2. I'm a gold girl too, and have been obsessing over gold flatware for years now. I seriously want to invest in some. I always think that if I can inherit good silver from my grandmother, maybe I would register for the gold!

  3. love it, great inspo post! My bf and I actually just inherited some faux bamboo looking (but gold/metal) silverware and I honestly can''t wait to host a dinner or brunch and use em!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra
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