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TruBlend FixStick

This past weekend I lost my Benefit Erase Paste. Somewhere between getting ready for brunch on Sunday and doing an evening touch up, that little pot of ivory colored magic went missing. I've searched my room high and low and turned up absolutely nothing.

Considering I spent a small fortune on car stuff this week, splurging $25 on a replacement concealer just didn't seem like a very frugal decision. So I stopped by CVS on my way home from barre a couple nights ago, and after standing in the beauty aisle googling reviews for about 30 different concealers (some are too watery! some crease after an hour! some are too pink!) I finally settled on the TruBlend FixStick Concealer Crayon from Cover Girl. Besides for the Cheekers blush in Classic Pink, I rarely ever buy Cover Girl makeup. However, after a few days of using this FixStick Crayon, I'm never splurging on concealer again.

This crayon has a smooth, creamy consistency that's incredibly easy to apply. I was concerned that a crayon might not blend enough for under eye coverage, but it's perfect and it doesn't budge. Plus, the crayon packaging makes it perfect for toting around in a purse for midday touchups. The ivory shade is spot on for my porcelain skin, but I could see also buying one of the darker shades to use for contouring. Reversely, one could use the darker shade for concealing and the ivory for highlighting.

You can find the TruBlend FixStick Concealer Crayon at any drugstore or buy online at Ulta or Amazon.  

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