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Tied with a Bow

It's no surprise that one of my favorite parts of the gift giving process is wrapping. I avoid using gift bags at all costs and love the creativity that goes into wrapping each and every gift. I wrap almost all my gifts each year in the same paper because I'm super type A I love the cohesive look and this year I found a silver paper that has pink and red ribbon candy and a hint of glitter. It's slightly vintage but with a modern color scheme. I made gift tags embossed with a picture of a present and set on red glitter paper. Way too much curling ribbon is the finishing touch.

This season, and every season, my favorite gift wraps are graphic prints with a retro spin. I stay away from anything religious or Santa influenced, and go for iconic holiday patterns. Trees, ornaments, and plaid are some of my favorites when done in a striking color way. Of course, no present is complete without a huge bow and lots and lots of ribbon.

You're probably wondering how that leopard print snuck in there. Okay, so it's not a typical Christmas themed pattern, but how fabulous would that look with a big red bow?