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Snow Day Links

Well, another snow day here in Washington, which is great for catching up on blogging and getting stuff done around the house, maybe I'll even do a little painting! Since I'm sure I'm not the only one enjoying a leisurely day at home, I've got a few links for you to mull over. It looks like I'm on a bit of a hustle kick judging from what I've been reading this week!

Reading all my March issues and savoring my coffee this morning. 
  • I've really been delving into workshops, seminars, podcasts, and classes recently, so I loved reading this article on 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Workshop. I love what it says about creating an ongoing community that extends past the in person workshop. 
  • 10 Things Successful Women Do Every Day is a great reminder from Lauren Conrad on those simple things that can make all the difference in having a productive day versus one that disappears before you can actually get things done. 
  • Last night I attended F*it hosted by Worn Creative. This inspiring event shared the stories of several female business leaders in Washington, their experiences with failure, and what they learned going forward. It was a motivating and inspiring event filled with honesty, laughter, and an emphasis on the importance of hustle. Plus, the space where it was held was a mid-century inspired heaven.
  • A few days left to use code "pineapplesandpearlsxoxo" for a free month of Rocksbox - make sure to check it out! Here's my post for more information.
  • The perfect mug to use while you're reading all these articles. 

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