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Tomorrow is my second steeplechase this spring and it's looking to be another gorgeous day albeit a much, much hotter one. I realized last weekend that several of my friends had never been to a horse race and didn't exactly know how to prepare, so for all those first timers out there, I've put together a collage of what you should have on hand. It's all about practicality and not getting sunburnt.

While I prefer to carry a clutch most of the time (seriously, if I'm not at work, I don't want more than a clutch in hand), this is one occasion where a durable tote is your best bet for carrying around sunscreen, a water bottle, etc. Sometimes you have to go all in with a theme, and I just loved the horsebit earrings and bangle from Fornash. Of course you never know when you might want to take a stroll from your tent or tailgate, so it always helps to have portable drink options - plus, I just love any excuse to use this adorable wine tote (monogram it for a great gift!) Oh, and no heels unless you want to sink into the grass! I prefer to stick to a wedge sandal so I still feel a little dressy.

6 - Mint Julep Cup - 7 Makers Mark (for mint juleps!) - 8 Horsebit Bangle

what to bring to steeplechase - steeplechase race - virginia gold cup

You can shop all my recommendations for Steeplechase essentials using the images below, but seriously, don't forget the sunscreen - in fact, go for SPF 85 like I did this year! I learned my lesson the hard way at Gold Cup one year and won't make that mistake again. And, remember, a hat is not just a fashion statement.

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