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The Blogger Gift Guide

If you follow enough bloggers on Instagram, I'm sure you've noticed there are more than a few trends circulating throughout all the pictures of desks, homes, and coffee tables. Pineapples (lucky for me!), gold, diptyque candles, and animal print pop up again and again. And while I first meant this gift guide to be a little tongue in cheek, I actually love all of the items below, no matter how many times we see them on Instagram.

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I've put together all of those items for you here—so whether you're buying a gift for a blogger or for someone who just loves the aesthetic, these are sure to incite a smile. My favorite picks? The sassy Everyday I'm Hustlin' Mug from Ashley Brooke Designs or the fabulous Gold Pineapple Candle Holder. Check out all my holiday gift guides and content here.

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