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Snow Day Essentials

We're in hour 28 of Blizzard Jonas and I've been knocking off things on my to do list around the house, strolled down to Georgetown just to get out and about, and I'm about to trek over to a friend's house for dinner. So I've kept myself busy, but I would definitely be lying if I said I wasn't starting to get a little stir crazy.

After this experience, I've got my snow day essentials narrowed down to the items that have been most useful while snowbound. From shearling lined snow boots to super thick wool socks and a winter scented candle to set the tone when inside, all of these are necessities when facing the blizzard of a century.

snow day essentials - bean boots for snow - smartwool socks - fur ear muffs

Now, with one to two more snow days ahead, I'm hoping there's a bit more mobility tomorrow... or at least that Whole Foods is open. 

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