Creatives at Work: Maizie Clarke

Today's post is the first in a new feature on my blog where I'll introduce you to some of my favorite creative makers and designers out there!

I first met Maizie Clarke years ago when she was living in DC and we were in a blogger book club together. Now she's based out of Louisville, KY, working for a design firm, and following her creative pursuits on the side. She just launched a line of Far-East inspired textiles with Guildery—think accent pillows, wrapping paper, fabric, wallpaper, and table linens—and also does gorgeous watercolor illustrations including wedding maps and house portraits. Learn a bit more about Maizie below!

Below check out a few of my favorite items from Maizie's textile line with Guildery. I love the neutral colors and muted palette of her designs. They are so timeless and would look perfect in any room, whether it's a sophisticated living room, a chic child's room, or a relaxing bedroom. And can't you see a powder room wallpapered in the elephant pagoda print?

And that's a wrap for my first look in to Creatives at Work! I would love to make this a monthly feature, and if you know of a talented designer, artist, or maker that we should all know about, definitely let me know!

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