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Saving on Home for Fall

I've been seeing bloggers referencing Target's fall home decor all over Instagram and Twitter, so last night I decided to do a bit of online shopping and check it out for myself (note: online shopping. I haven't been to an actual Target location in almost a month since I've gone carless. This is seriously a record.)

I was not disappointed. From mid-century to mixed metals to glam to a whole collection curated by Emily Henderson, Target it hitting it out of the park this season. Can't beat splurge style and save prices.

If I was in a redecorating mode, these are some of the pieces I would pick up. I'm also seriously wishing I had a spot for that bar cart (or any bar cart), because this one is classic and on trend all at the same time.

I'm usually anti buying prints from a big store (gotta support those local artists!), but these prints from Oh Joy! are so fun and so colorful. Plus, she's a blogger doing a line for Target. That's totally different than mass produced art, right? The lucite wine rack is similar to one that I have and absolutely love, and the gold lamps are almost identical to two that I picked up for my living room several years ago. Don't even get me started on how gorgeous those side tables are.

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  1. I've wanted a bar cart for so long! Especially a shiny gold one :) Love your selections!