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I've Got The Blues With a Pop Of Color

It seems the running theme in my outfits this summer has been a monochromatic blue look. I picked up this skirt when I ran into Zara during lunch one day last month. I've never really shopped at Zara, but walked out that day with a skirt and top for under $35 total—both of which I've worn multiple times since, so you can guarantee I'll be back.

So, this mural...I love the vibrance of the colors and thought it would be a perfect backdrop for a not so colorful outfit. However, it's on the side of a convenience store and it's in direct sunlight. This shoot was a dance of "okay, the sun looks like it's going behind a cloud, go!" and "hmm...should I have left my work bag sitting in the parking lot?" Despite all that and the slightly overexposed nature of hot summer sun, I actually am kind of digging how bright these turned out. 

Photos by Dana of Something Good

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