District Sample Sale Recap


Monday night was the District Sample Sale, “the season’s most fashionable charity event”. I’ve wanted to go for the past several years but this was the first time I bit the bullet and bought a ticket. Never having been to a sample sale of any sort, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I did have some expectations going in that proved true. I got there almost an hour early but parking had already filled up in the garage next door.  Outside the building in Dupont was a long line of bargain hunting, fashion loving girls already forming. In line, there were girls studying maps of the set up of the sale, while others, like myself and my coworker, looked at each other wondering if we were terribly unprepared.  At 6:30 the VIP hour was over and we were allowed in.  The sale itself was much more orderly than frantic, but the loud music and grab it and buy it nature was exactly what I expected. There was delicious food, wonderful cocktails (I opted for the “Sophisticated Shopper”), and, of course, Georgetown Cupcakes (they had my favorite, Lava Fudge!)

Most of the “deals” were still outside of my budget, however I did pick up a few great accessories at Fornash for under $60 total.


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