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The Lilly online sale started yesterday and as you could have guessed, I was online the second it started. Though it yet again suffered some technical problems, I thought it ran more smoothly than last time (from the reactions of some people on Facebook, however, seemed like there world was coming to an end over an inability to get a particular dress into their shopping bag… seriously, calm down, it’s just clothes.) I got a few great dresses in some prints and styles I’d been lusting over for ages, though I could absolutely have gone a little more crazy… and kind of wish I had. Luckily, Lilly’s on Rue La La this Thursday. If you don’t have a login already, click here and set it up before then!


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  1. Preppy Girl Meets World
    January 4, 2012 / 4:48 pm

    Love that Talula dress. It was one that I really wanted but was not available in my size when I got on. I'm glad you got it!

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