Springtime Resolution

Though I did several projects with my bedroom re-do, I haven’t been very good about documenting any DIY projects on my blog. That is about to change however. My springtime resolution is to start documenting any projects that I take on. First on the agenda: a nightstand redo. My nightstand is an “antique” of sorts passed down from my grandmother. I don’t remember what color it started but it’s been black then white while I’ve had it. It stayed in the basement for a few years and now it’s back. Though I could proclaim its dinged up white paint “shabby chic” and call it a day, I think I’m better off repainting. Currently I’m deciding between light green and silver and mulling over whether I’m willing to take on a stenciled design on the top. I’m even going to sand it first (this has been an internal battle that I’ve had every time I’ve painted my furniture… I have very little patience and sanding is just not something I have time for. I’ve finally accepted it will make a huge difference in the final result.)

Until I begin my project this weekend, here are some of the inspiration photos from Pinterest that I’ve been looking at:


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