Dining Detour

On my way back from Rehoboth on Monday, traffic was, not surprisingly, absolutely terrible. After 3 hours on the road, absolutely starving, tired, and sick of hearing that the Bay Bridge was at a complete stop, we decided to take a little detour and spend a few hours in Easton, MD on the Eastern Shore. The town is absolutely adorable, particularly the historic district, and though most everything was closed since it was Memorial Day, we were able to spend a leisurely dinner at the Hunter’s Tavern at the Tidewater Inn. Unfortunately my phone was dead at this point so I don’t have any pictures, but it’s a gorgeous restaurant with a wonderful patio. We sat outside since it was a warm but comfortable evening and I have decided that sitting in Adirondack chairs is the best way to dine. You seriously can’t help but sit back, relax, and take your time. I actually forgot, just for a moment, that I had several more hours of traffic ahead of me.  

While the ones in Easton were white, there are pink Adirondack chairs on our front porch (best roommate contribution ever) and I love them in any of the colors below, particularly the purple. How fun would these be with a white table?


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