Fingers Crossed.

I’ve gotten sucked into the same pattern a few times now… I see an email about a great sale at Land’s End, I log on their website, I’m shocked by how many cute items they have for such low prices, then I receive them in the mail and am sorely disappointed by their ginormous sizing and dowdy shapes. I’m hoping to break that pattern this time around. I ordered a few absolutely adorable striped shirts for a steal and have my fingers crossed that they actually fit. They’re Land’s End “Canvas” so supposedly it’s a more “stylish” fit but we’ll see next week!

In the meantime, how cute are the buttons down the side of the yellow one? And the navy is such a classic. (They were on additional 25% off sale yesterday and for some reason the navy is back up to full price now, but Land’s End literally sends out sale emails every week or so, so I’m sure they’ll be back down again soon.)


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  1. Blue Dog Belle
    June 27, 2012 / 3:01 pm

    I have the same problem with their stuff. I ordered a super cute khaki skirt last summer and it just never fits right. annoying.

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