Turquoise Thursday

I have an old Ikea sofa (the Klippan… apparently it’s a classic that’s been around for decades) that I got for free from a summer sublet a few years back. It’s been sitting in the basement for a couple years now but with one roommate moving out and selling her furniture, it finally gets to make its way back upstairs. For it’s big re-debut it 100% absolutely needs a new slipcover.

Unfortunately, Ikea has HORRENDOUS customer service and I can’t seem to get an answer via email or phone on whether they still sell the slipcovers for the Klippan (it’s super confusing on the website and I haven’t had time to trek out to MD or VA to go to the store.) Does anyone happen to know the answer to this?? **Update: Finally got back to me after several days and they DO carry the covers. YAY.**

 So, fingers crossed, it will turn out that Ikea does in fact sell the slipcovers and I can get a turquoise one. 

With that color in mind, I’ve found a few images for living room redo inspiration…


Images via Style by Emily Henderson, Apartment Therapy, and Pinterest


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