A Rue La La Surprise

In a moment of weakness/wanting to use a Rue La La credit last week, I bought a bag in one of their Afternoon “Sample Sales”… as soon as I bought it I was like “crap, I actually think that might have been heinous and I was just seduced by the fact it was so so so inexpensive (like $34 inexpensive).” Well, I got it in the mail yesterday and it’s actually great and not at all cheap Barbie looking. Yes, it’s an all pink bag but it is well made and looks like a grown up bag. It’s the Love Sac by JPK Paris (I think this brand had its day in the sun with those bags with the big gold rings a few years ago?) and it comes in sizes from Daily to Weekender. I bought the Overnight size with the intention of using it whenever I just need one change of clothes and it’s perfect. It came with an inside bag for toiletries and is large but not so large that it’s uncomfortable to carry. These go on sale on Rue La La all the time and are also pretty inexpensive if you Google them. They come in all colors (I was torn between orange with tan straps, navy, or the all pink) and are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an inexpensive overnight bag option.


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