Guest Post: High Flying Essentials by Lacy of Simple Surber

As you know, I’m out of town this week and I’ve lined up a couple guest posts for you! Today, I’m so excited to have my friend Lacy from Simple Surber guest posting!

high flying essentials summer edition

high flying essentials summer edition by simplesurber 

Hey Y’all – I’m Lacy from Simple Surber. Since Heather’s on
vacation this week – hope you’re having fun!! – It got me to thinking
about how people pack for their travels. Everyone has those go-to items
that they never leave home without – my mom always packs her pillow, Mr.
S always packs a fishing shirt even if we’re not going to a warm
client, so I wanted to share with you a few things I can’t live without
when I travel these days. Goodness knows it’s no longer a glamorous or
luxurious experience with TSA invasive screenings or the cramped seating
on flights, but I have found a few things I just can’t get on a flight
without during the summer.

1.  Watch 
I’ve had too many close calls for flights because I didn’t readily keep
track of the time – I now never travel without a watch on. My mom gave
me a beautiful leather wrap watch last year and I wear it all the time
now. I love how classic it is, but adds the stacked look to your wrist
without lots of bracelets jingling around disturbing your neighbor.

2. Burts Bees Wax Tinted Lip Balm –
keeps your lips super moisturized with only natural ingredients and
adds a hint of color to your lips – I love the Rose color these days. I
avoid other lip balms that have chemicals in them that aren’t good for
your lips like, Carmex.

3. Kindle 
Since moving to Winchester, Iv’e been bad about not reading as much as I
normally do, but when I travel it’s right by my side so that I’m never
left sitting idly. It’s so handy, and makes carrying your books with you
a million times lighter and easier.

4. iPhone – because I am addicted to being connected. Yes – I’m admitting it

5. Kind Bars –
since discovering these delish bars last year, I keep one in every bag,
my car, and a few in my desk at work. Since airlines rarely offer
snacks nowadays, these bars keep me full and they’re guilt-free because
they’re full of nuts, berries and are all held together by pure honey.
Best alternative to my unhealthy burger cravings in the airport. 

6. Jack rogers– they’re easy to get through security, comfy for those long walks in the terminal + take you right into whatever chic happenings you may have at your destination.

7.  Ray Ban Aviators –
because it’s always fun to pretend you’re so famous you have to wear
sunglasses on a flight –  I kid (only partly). But really, I keep them
handy because you never know what the sun situation will be once you
land at your destination or even sometimes when the guy across the aisle
has his shade open and the sun is right in your eyes.

8. Neutrogena Sunscreen SPF50– My
mom always says her #1 piece of advice is to wear sunscreen every day,
especially on your face, neck & hands, and Neutrogena’s sunscreens
are the only products I’ve found to not make my face break-out and
always feel light + it’s a great moisturizer for those dry pressurized

9. Herve Chapelier Weekend Bag –
I’ve had my nylon tote since college, it’s been to the beach, to the
mountains and on every weekend trip in between. It’s super sturdy, but
holds more than I can imagine any other travel tote holding + they come
in beautiful color combinations – it’s by far the best investment I’ve
made in luggage.

10. Panama Jack Hat
– It folds up in your bag and pops right back into shape. It’s perfect
to cover a bad hair day or to protect your skin from the sun. Don’t
travel without some sort of hat in your bag.

there items that you just can’t travel without? Thanks Heather for
letting me share my summer travel essentials! I hope everyone has a
wonderfully short week!!


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