Barre Wear

I’ve just recently gotten into Barre classes. These classes seem to be all the rage in DC… is it that way in every city? 


Update: Do not EVER shop from Danskin.


Though I love the middle top shown below, the other two were ill fitting and Danskin has some of the most atrocious customer service I have ever dealt with. It took a letter, two phone calls, and an email to finally receive my money back that I paid above and beyond the Living Social voucher amount (they wanted to give me a “coupon” instead.) Even after all was said and done, I was still shorted a couple dollars which just ticks me off beyond belief.


When I called after the first phone call, the letter, and the email, I expected a sincere apology and a quick resolution. I did not expect to spend 13 minutes on the phone arguing. Bottom line, I’m not surprised at all they’re resorting to using Living Social to try to get sales.

So, of course, I’m on the hunt for cute Barre-esque clothes – somewhere between yoga and ballet. There was a Living Social deal the other day for Danskin, which I bought (still available here!), and they have a lot of really great yoga/dance/active apparel. It’s definitely a place I wouldn’t have thought to look but I love how feminine and stylish these pieces are. Definitely check it out, and it’s totally worth buying the $20 for $10 Living Social Deal (it says it’s for Girls’ dancewear, but it’s good on the entire website.)



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