Lovely Lavender

I’m finally done with my crazy week!! Between holiday parties, a work trip to Dallas, and hosting my cookie exchange party, I did not have a moment to breathe, much less blog. I’ll finally be back to my regular schedule this week, but until I have time this evening to pull together a real post, here’s a Monday pick me up. I’ve been searching all over for lavender cords for months I had tried some at Old Navy but they must be made for girls with zero curves because they looked atrocious on me. (Side note: If you are one of those girls with super skinny legs and no curves, definitely try them out. They’re always on sale and come in a zillion colors.) However, for my purposes, of course J.Crew came to the rescue. Their Matchstick cords,which I know are super flattering – I have a pair from three years ago, come in the perfect shade of light purple! Plus, they’re $39.99 with 30% off and free shipping (runs through today).

And, for good  measure, a fabulous sequin tee that’s only $34.50 right now. How fun would this be with the sash skirt I featured a couple weeks ago in this post?


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