Beautiful Brunch

My friend Jen hosted brunch last Sunday at her apartment and every detail reminded me of how much of the eating experience is in the details. All of her platters, serving dishes, plates, bowls, and cooking tools are so stylish. Everything is patterned and colorful yet it all comes together so perfectly and makes food look absolutely appetizing (look at the way the reds and blues in the berries come alive against the blue and white dish!)

While I’ll have another blog post dedicated to the biscuits and gravy that we whipped up, for now I just wanted to focus on the importance of a well decorated table. I think everyone should have something beyond the plain white and plain glass dishes and glasses that we see everywhere. Adding a little pattern and color can make even your everyday breakfast much more special.

Top Row (left to right): PitcherPlate
Bottom Row (left to right): MugJuice Glass

Floral and Blue


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