Dining Room Inspiration

With my move this summer, I’ll finally get a chance to makeover my dining room furniture. My chairs have been sitting in the basement for a couple years now and my hutch is not really being put to its proper use.

My plan for as long as I can remember has been to paint the hutch white and wallpaper the inside and to paint the chairs in a lacquer gloss. The only thing up for debate is the color of the chairs, which I am planning on coordinating with the interior of the hutch. Recently I’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth between turquoise and coral, though more and more I’m leaning towards turquoise. Perhaps I’ve been spending a little too much time on House of Turquoise or maybe it’s just that it’s such a fresh, crisp color combination – perfect for a new home. 

Here are a few of the images I’ve been looking at for inspiration:

I’m also planning on a white dining table and white dishes but those are a post for another day so stay tuned.


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  1. Blue Dog Belle
    May 7, 2013 / 7:10 pm

    LOVE this idea!!!

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