Making Gifting Easy

I was recently introduced to an online platform that lets you register for any event that may involve gift giving. From weddings to baby showers to housewarmings to graduations, Ziftit allows you to create invitations, manage RSVP’s, and take guests directly to a webpage where they are able to either buy gifts directly or “pitch in” on a larger gift. Instead of registering on multiple websites across the internet, Ziftit rounds up all gifts from various stores and compiles them in to one place called a Zift List.

With many of my friends in the midst of geting married and some starting to think about growing their families, I’ve gotten used to trolling around all the various websites where they are registered to see what’s left on each registry so I can certainly understand firsthand the advantage of streamlining all these gifts into one easily accessible place. Plus, the Zift List can be shared via Facebook or Twitter to make it even easier for those looking to celebrate with you.

When creating a Zift List on Ziftit, users simply search items such as “measuring cups” or “bottle” to pull up thousands of suggested items. It’s definitely helpful to see all of these items compiled into one place as opposed to price comparing and searching acros each website. The chosen items are then added to the Zift List for the selected event. Invites to the Zift List are sent out directly through the event on Ziftit or the Zift List can be pushed out to friends via Facebook or Twitter. Gift givers “buy” the item directly through the Zift List, allowing other gift givers to see which items are remaining. Ziftit truly is a way to streamline gift giving and save both time and money on the receiving and giving ends.

Not only does Ziftit help those looking to celebrate monumental occasions in their lives, but it also gives back to the community. On their website, you’ll see an option to give gifts to those affected by natural disasters. This past Christmas, Ziftit gave over 1,000 gifts to victims of Hurricane Sandy, and, now, they are reachig out to the families affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma (you do not have to sign up as a member to give through their gift giving program.)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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