Last Signs of Summer

Somehow I feel like this summer has escaped me! Last summer it felt as if I was at the beach practically every weekend and I made trips to beaches from Georgia to South Carolina to Virginia to Delaware. This summer I’ve barely had 2 days of beach time and Labor Day is almost upon us!

While it’s too late to redo the summer, I’ve made a goal to not let fall pass me by. I’m already booking up my weekends with trips, starting with NYC and continuing throughout the fall with wine tasting, football games (who’s headed down to C’ville for UVA v. Clemson? That one is definitely on my calendar!), and long weekends to see friends.

One of my goals this summer was to start an indoor herb garden and up until this past weekend, I thought that was going to be added to the list of things that slipped by me. Luckily, I found myself with a few spare minutes last Sunday afternoon and I walked up to the hardware store ready to take on the world of gardening. Well, I arrived to find that they no longer had a large array of plants but they did have one basil plant left, so off I went with my basil ready to be potted.

With a sunny window and hopefully a greenish thumb, I’m excited to start throwing fresh basil in all sorts of recipes from classic mozzarella and tomato salad to omelettes to homemade pesto. It’s also just nice to have a bit of nature and green in my apartment – especially since so many plants are off limits because of Hampie!

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