Chambray Choices

I’ve been a late adopter to the chambray trend. While I have loved the idea of having a shirt that’s not black or white, but still super versatile, and I think it looks adorable on other people, I just couldn’t embrace the idea of a denim shirt. But, now that it’s fall, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon. The idea of having a comfy shirt to pair with black leggings and call it a day is just too tempting.

I didn’t, however, expect there to be so many options. The three below are from J.Crew Factory and I think I’m leaning towards one of the two on the ends. The lighter colors just seem like they would be better with black leggings. But there’s also this option and this option, and you can’t forget an inexpensive option like this.

Have you found a perfect Chambray shirt?

Classic Chambray ShirtTwo Pocket Chambray ShirtChambray Popover



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