Short Hair, Don’t Care

I’ve been planning on cutting my hair for a while. It had gotten just ridiculously long and I rarely ever wore it down anymore because it was such a time investment! I have A LOT of hair and, if I planned on wearing my hair down, I would literally have to shower 2 hours before I needed to be somewhere so that I would have time for my hair to dry completely before curling it – it was too long to even wear straight! So, on Friday when I found myself with an extra couple hours after work, I called to make myself a hair appointment. By 6:15, I was sitting in the stylist’s chair telling her to make it a little lighter, but after she cut 3 inches off, I told her to go for 4, and so on. By the end of it all, I ended up cutting around 7-8 inches. I need an after shot, but here’s a before from May, so you can only imagine how much longer it was currently – my hair grows fast!

I cannot believe how much easier it is – I should have done this months ago! While I loved the long hair and I did love some of the updos I could do with it (a braided bun was my favorite go to), I am so happy to be able to get out the door quickly without just putting my hair into a damp ponytail. I am also excited to pull out all my headbands again! I’ve always been a huge headband girl but they look better in shorter hair so mine have all been sitting unworn in my closet for at least a year. Now, I just wish I had gotten the headband below! I spotted it last month in J.Crew and it’s the perfect, slightly gaudy, holiday headband. Too much? Never.


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  1. Lacy
    October 29, 2013 / 1:43 pm

    Heather – I HAVE to see the new do! Post pics!

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