Agate Coasters from ShopHDB

I was so excited to win a giveaway on Mimosa Lane last month for a gift certificate to ShopHDB. ShopHDB has the most gorgeous home goods and accessories, all with a very exotic, worldly, and contemporary flair. It was so hard picking out what to get, but I have been in need of coasters for a while and have almost given in to these ones at Target a few times, so when I spotted these gorgeous Agate Coasters on ShopHDB I knew I had to have them.

How perfect do these look styled on my DIY gold glitter tray? My end tables and coffee table are most certainly happy to finally be saved from condensation.


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  1. Sarah @Savvy Young Something
    January 21, 2014 / 8:45 pm

    Love these! I caved and bought the Target ones on clearance. I hope this trend stays for a while!

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