Memorial Day Recap

It has taken me a few days to get back in the swing of things post Memorial Day weekend. Three nights in a house with 16 people can wear on a girl. Add in more than one meal at Chick Fil A (hey, we don’t have one that’s easily accessible in DC!), a lot of prosecco, and my first trip to the Fractured Prune, and I’m basically going to be living at the hot yoga studio for the next few weeks and possibly even contemplating a juice cleanse.

While I had told myself I wouldn’t fall for Memorial Day sales, the promise of 50% off everything at J.Crew Factory was too seductive to pass up, so I made a trip to the outlets after a long beach day on Saturday. I walked away with this amazing neon cover up dress, these adorable shorts (regular J.Crew had this print last year and I regretted not buying it in anything!), and this pair of slightly dressier shorts.

Now it’s time to plan the next beach vacay…


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