Traveling Essentials

For pretty much the past month, I’ve been out of town at least one night a weekend. A few trips to New York, a trip to Richmond, and you better believe I’m pretty happy to actually be in DC for two straight weekends.With all this traveling, I feel like I’ve finally got my traveling essentials nailed down and here’s what I’ve found I need with me at all times:

1. Spacious Tote Bag – A big bag is essential for carrying everything around without feeling like you are over-packed (though I typically am).
2. A BIG Water Bottle – It’s important to stay hydrated when surrounded by dry, stale air.
3. A Wrap – Since the outside temperature never seems to correlate with the temperature on the plane, train, or bus.
4. Sunglasses – Because if you’re not wearing sunglasses, people will talk to you, and when people talk to you, you end up becoming besties with someone who fancies himself an up and coming rapper and then following him on Instagram.
5. Lip Balm – This new Sweet Mint from EOS is my obsession.
6. Hand Lotion -This Nivea travel tin is a classic that barely takes up any room and I never have to deal with trying to squeeze out the last bit from a travel tube of lotion.
7. Planner – For all my fellow Type A’s out there who can never be without their planner.
8. Condensed Wallet-Cell Phone Case – I find that this is just easier to deal with then my entire wallet anytime I’m trying to pare down everything I have with me.
9. Snacks – I’ve found you definitely don’t want to get caught without any snacks. These barbeque popchips are my latest snack obsession and, at least in terms of calorie counts, they definitely fit in with my healthy eating routine. Click here to enter a popchips giveaway!

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  1. KatiePerk
    May 8, 2014 / 3:22 pm

    I use Nivea too. I love the scent. I need to try some popchips!

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