Clarins Skincare

Back in April, I blogged about some of my favorite Clarins makeup products, and over the past month I’ve been using Clarins skincare
products on a daily basis. The Double Serum and Multi-Active Day Cream have
become my go to morning routine. A team of 
2 serums, one oil based and one water based, combine to create the
Double Serum, which leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. Every morning, before
applying the day cream, I use the Double Serum (mix the 2 together first!) and
let it soak in. Then I use the Multi-Active Day Cream which has kind of a retro
appeal between its packaging in a jar and a scent that’s reminiscent of a face
cream from generations past. It has a super thick consistency and is perfect
for someone prone to dry skin, yet it absorbs quickly and completely. I finish
my morning routine with my favorite primer and my long time go to BB cream, and
I’m good to go.


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