Twilight Polo

This past Saturday, a group of girl friends and I made the trek out to The Plains for Twilight Polo. Despite the rain that day, we decided to cross our fingers and hope for the best, and we ended up with a lovely, if a bit cloudy, evening (and, honestly, who cares if it’s cloudy when the sun’s setting?) While I’ve been to many a horse race, my only experience with a polo match prior to last weekend was the scene in Pretty Woman. Here are a few pictures to document my first polo outing.

I only took about 50 pictures on my iPhone before successfully capturing an action shot. Though I never did get the rules down pat because I was too busy eating and drinking.

We had quite the pink and green theme to accompany all the delicious southern inspired treats from pimento cheese to deviled eggs to andouille sausage stars to ham biscuits. There was, of course, lots of champs and rose to wash down said treats.

Each week has a theme and this particular Saturday was “Whiteout”. We obviously took this theme seriously. Next week’s theme is “Lilly Pulitzer Party”, who’s in?


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  1. Portuguese Prepster
    June 24, 2014 / 12:52 pm

    I went to a few polo matches in Charlottesville and loved it! Dying to go to the Harriman cup up here in the Fall.

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