Birchbox Book Club

Birchbox started a Book Club earlier this summer and I was lucky enough to win a copy of the July book pick, The Bridesmaids: True Tales of Love, Loyalty, Envy… and Terrible Dresses by Eimear Lynch. I finally got around to reading it while traveling this past weekend. I started the book while waiting for my flight to board (I’m one of those people who always gets to the airport super early) and by the time the plane landed, I was almost finished. I absolutely did not expect this book to be such a quick and lighthearted read.

While there are certainly a few horror stories and bridezillas tucked among this book’s roughly 60 bridesmaids tales, most are heartfelt stories of friendship with a dash of relatable humor. Each story is just a few pages long, so you before you know it, you’ve sped through twenty or thirty accounts of being a bridesmaid in everything from an ex-nun’s wedding to a wedding in prison to a wedding displaced by a hurricane. 

The author actually wrote this book while serving as her sister’s maid of honor, so it truly does portray the experience in a positive light. She makes it clear that she didn’t seek out to write a book about terrible dresses and brides gone crazy, instead she wanted to compile stories that every woman who has lived through this period of her life can identify with. The Bridesmaids would be an adorable book to tuck in a bridesmaid’s gift, and it makes for an excellent travel or beach read. Don’t expect any literary genius, but you will absolutely crack a smile or two as you finish this book before you know it. 


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