Autumn Closing In

While perhaps a strange place to find inspiration, that craigslist ad that’s been circulating all over the internet today reminded me that autumn is quickly approaching. The air in Washington already has the cool, light breeze and crisp quality of an October afternoon, and there’s a feeling of transition looming.

Never one to let a season pass me by, I’m jumping on the fall bucket list bandwagon and making sure I squeeze every last bit out of this in between time of year.

I once read that despite the bad rap that taking pictures seems to get these days, especially as you see images of wedding receptions or concerts where everyone seems to be on their phone, snapping photos can actually be a good thing, assuming you take the time to look back on these photos and revisit the memories. Looking back for images in this post certainly was an exercise in doing just that. 

Now, on to the list of memories to start working on this fall…

1. Football Games: There have been years where I have made it to almost every home U.Va. game. This year, unfortunately, is not going to be one of those. However, I do need to make it to at least one game this season because there is nothing like Charlottesville in the fall. I also would love to add an SEC game to my calendar. 

2. Wine Tasting: Another Charlottesville activity, I’ve already got this on the books for November. Now, it’s just the tough decision of which vineyards to try, though one can never go wrong with King Family or Afton Mountain.

3. Farmer’s Market: I have been saying this for ages, but one of these days I will start buying my produce at a farmer’s market. There’s one on Saturdays just a short walk from my apartment, so there’s no excuse. Fall vegetables are my favorites, so this is the perfect time of year to make this a habit. In the same vein, I still need to check out Union Market.  

4. Apple Picking: How have I never been apple picking?! Perhaps it’s because I don’t love apples, but there are so many things to do with apples besides eat them plain. Apple butter, applesauce, apple pie, apple crisp. The possibilities are endless, and this year I’m going to pick those apples and turn them into something delicious. 

5. Crock Pot Cooking: Fall is a time for warm, filling, slow cooked meals and I’m vowing to put my crock pot to good use whenever there’s the slightest chill in the air. I’ve already gotten started this week with a chicken and sausage jambalaya and I’m going to try out a chili recipe (no beans!) next. Plus, this is a wonderfully budget friendly way to cook. I have the crock pot linked to here, and I highly recommend it. 

So here’s to a busy autumn filled with college football, days spent admiring the flame colored trees, burning fall scented candles, drinking bourbon on the rocks, and wearing slightly scuffed riding boots. And, please, no #PSL instagrams. 


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