Revisiting Pinterest

I have had a backup of bookmarked blog posts for the longest time and this fall I’m working my way through pinning and organizing all these posts in my Pinterest. I was a huge fan of Pinterest when it first came out but assumed it was somewhat of a passing fad and didn’t pay much attention to my boards for a year or two. 

Well, I was wrong, and now I’ve become Pinterest obsessed again. Follow my boards here

I definitely pin the most on my Interior Design Inspiration and Style I Love boards, but I also have boards on everything from Hair to Makeup to Recipes. I recently started a board where I include links to products that I feature on my blog

Another one of my favorite boards is The Icons where I have gorgeous images of Audrey, Grace, Jackie, and all the classic beauties. I also, not surprisingly, also have a board dedicated solely to images in striped shirts.

Follow me on Pinterest and stay tuned as I add even more gorgeous images to these boards!


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