Updated Storage Bench

As many design fans are, I’m constantly in redecorating mode. Whether it’s adding to my coffee table book collection or redecorating with some seasonal accents, there’s always a little something that can be changed. In my bedroom, one of the corners that has been nagging me for a little attention is the bench directly across from my bed.

In Glover Park, it’s not unusual for houses to pass down between groups of girls for several years. Someone will leave Washington, another will move in with a boyfriend, before long it’s hard to remember who actually lived in the house when the lease was first signed. This bench was a result of that process at my house on 37th Street. I was in the group that moved out completely and as we inched closed to August 1, we discovered that we were stuck with sifting through years of accumulated items that had been left behind. This bench was an ugly brown Gunlocke coffee table hidden underneath a few old t.v.’s, a bunch of moving boxes that had mildewed beyond use, and a bag full of half rolls of wrapping paper. It was covered in tiny spiders, and was bound for the dumpster until I decided its simple lines might be worth salvaging.

A couple coats of turquoise paint later and I had a pretty bench that added a pop of turquoise beneath an otherwise plain window. 

Starfish PillowWhite Storage Basket
 Euro ShamTurquoise Bench {similar, without the DIY effort!}

It still felt a little bland, however, and for the longest time, I wasn’t quite sure how to spruce it up. Then, I got the idea to draw in the same print from my bedding and tie the entire room together. With the help of two Euro Shams and a stunning starfish pillow, this painted bench creates a cohesive look and a soft haven on a side of my room that was otherwise a blank canvas. I added white storage baskets underneath to house my laptop, blogging books, and calendar in one and hand weights, resistance band, and barre ball in the other (I’ll be more likely to use my exercise gear if it’s not hidden in a crate in my coat closet, right?!)

Check out the euro shams here and the starfish pillow here. The starfish pillow is from an Etsy shop that has great embroidered pillow shams with pretty much any motif and color combination you could want. The euro shams are from PBTeen, which I swear by for bedding. They carry so many bright, graphic prints that are far more sophisticated than you would expect. I love that my navy and white bedding looks slightly inspired by Japanese wave prints, and people are always shocked when I tell them it’s from PBTeen.

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  1. Heather
    October 9, 2014 / 6:00 pm

    Cute! I love those starfish pillows!

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