Fall Jackets

I went to an outdoor event this past weekend and realized that one item I’m lacking in my wardrobe is a fall jacket. I am covered in the long puffer coat and winter wool coat categories, but for something that can be layered with sweaters and boots, I’m definitely in need of a jacket that’s not black, not too lightweight, and a little more casual than my wool coat.

I love the look of the field jackets below and especially love the longer length of the two hooded options. The long length definitely makes it a little easier to layer with all of the long sweaters that I wear this time of year – does it bother anyone else when their sweater sticks out far beyond the bottom of their coat?! The gold hardware of the Sterling Jacket makes it my absolute favorite of the bunch, though if I had a limitless budget, I’d certainly be purchasing one of each because the drawstring waist on the Long Field Jacket would make for a flattering fit even when layering, the Quilted Riding Jacket comes in several great colors, and the Waxed Field Jacket is such a chic and classic weekend look.

Sterling JacketQuilted Riding Jacket

Waxed Field JacketLong Field Jacket

As I was putting together this post, I noticed all of these jackets are actually on sale today. The two L.L. Bean jackets are 10% off (as is the entire website – perfect for getting Christmas gifts!), the Sterling Jacket is 40% off (under $100!) and the Long Field Jacket is 25% off. The perfect time to invest in a new fall jacket!


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