Cabin Fever Links

As I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, I spent a couple days dealing with snowstorms and flight cancellations earlier this week. While trying to get back to DC, I thought about how productive snow days can be when you’re at home with a slight case of cabin fever, and luckily it looks like I might get another chance today!

All those little projects around the house, all those DIY’s you’ve been waiting to try, all those books to read can be tackled when you’re sitting around the house sheltered from freezing temperatures and wind chills below 0. After a long Junior League event this morning, you’re sure to find me at home organizing, blogging, and Pinterest-ing.

A few things to check out while you’re curled up inside on this snowy Saturday:

  • My first Rocksbox is on the way and I am so excited to
    share it with you in a post soon! It’s a great way to rent jewelry from companies
    like Loren Hope, Kendra Scott, Gorjana, and Margaret Elizabeth for $19 a month. You’ll receive three pieces at a time and you can swap it out as many times as you like. It’s basically Netflix for jewelry. Plus, if you love a particular piece, you have
    the option to buy it at a 20% discount. Use the code pineapplesandpearlsxoxoto try out a free month

  • A personal favorite of DC design bloggers just unveiled her interior design firm this week. Check out Lindsay Speace and her exciting first project – a sophisticated and modern bachelor pad. 


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